6th Bangalore ONE DAY Portrait Workshop September 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th, October 2nd

The one day portrait photography workshops is back. This workshop is for beginners who wish to learn portrait photography. To be a portrait photographer you need to acquire mandatory skills. These include communication skills with your clients,make them feel relaxed, understanding their needs, observing their features to light them appropriately to bring out the best in them. There will also be an advance level workshop for pho...tographers of previous workshops who can work on personal/group concepts.

Beginners Track:

This provides comprehensive instruction
a) basic studio lighting with one, two and three lights and lighting ratio.
b) use of modifiers
c) learn different lighting styles

By the end of the day you would have captured images depicting the following lighting styles
Rembrandt , Loop , Paramount ( Butterfly ) , Short and Broad lighting , High and Low key , Split lighting , Side lighting and application of hair light , kicker light , background light , profile lighting and rim lighting.
Requirement: Know to operate your Digital SLR / P/S camera with flash sync or shoe. Also bring camera manual for reference.

Advance Level Track:

This provides guidance rather than instruction as you already know the basic lighting styles. You or your group can come up with several concepts and work on it OR You will study a minimum of three tearsheets (glamour / fashion / advertisement) from magazines. This includes the lighting scheme that the image depicts, the model poses and how you would modify the lighting set up and model pose to bring out your own signature style.

Requirement: Revise the lighting styles

What is so special about these workshops?

1) Focusses on the practical aspect of studio/ ambient light portrait photography
2) Unique program, one of its kind in bangalore.
3) Maximum of five in a group with three Elinchrom strobe lights and one model.

Contractual agreement includes:

1) Photographs taken of models and products cannot be used for commercial purposes.
2) The photographs can be displayed for promoting your business in your webpages, blogs and general websites like flickr with due credit to " Prem Muthu portrait workshop

Sept 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th and October 2nd

Workshop timings:

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Workshop Fees:

Basic level INR 2000
Advance level INR 2000
Art students from Bangalore institutes/colleges with photo ID INR 1700

Web pages:


The photographs displayed below with different lighting styles are samples of what is expected of the students to achieve from the workshop.



Email prem@basilstudios.com with preferred date, beginner or advance level and contact phone number.


6th cross, hutchins road, st. thomas town
bangalore, Karnataka 560084
Phone: 080 25466888
Email: prem@basilstudios.com

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